Performing live, senior Duncan Moran helps his friend in crime. This is Moran's tenth CHS play and he's really gonna miss all the people he's met through it. "I've worked so hard with these people for my four years and I've already seen some of them gone and eventually I'll be gone and I won't get this chance again," Duncan said. G. Brannock photo

The Beaux Stratagem

Laughter was brought to CHS over November 13-15th as theater students performed in the year’s fall play, “The Beaux Stratagem.” […]


Speaking In Front of Hundreds: Every year when veterans day arrives, there are always a select few of students chosen to be speaking.  Monday, Rhea Ganjana spoke to introduce all of the guest speakers.  Senior Rhea said, "At he beginning I was very nervous, however when we were on stage Mr. Ellery helped me to calm down." M Moriarity Phoo

Veteran’s Day Convocation

Representing Hamilton County: On Veteran’s day, here are many guest appearances including Mayor Brainard. As he spoke, he touched all […]



Student produces music, hopes for future success

Beginning at age five, sophomore Alex Odendahl had always had an interest in creating music. It began with banging on […]


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